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About us
Spallanzani Vini Srl works in the wine industry since 1888 producing and commercializing wines, through a family business, based in Arceto, Via Caselette 1.

Up to 1940, the activity was carried out in a room of the manor, designed for wine cellar.
After this date and up to 1974, the Company enlarged the rooms to adapt itsfelf to the business requirements, that demanded continuous investments in technology and plants.

The Company has gradually developped and diversified its production, concentrating on musts, desulphurized musts and concentrate musts.

Today, besides carrying out the initial activities of production and marketing of on tap wines of all Italian regions, can provide products that can be used not only in the wine sector, but also in the pharmaceutical, confectionery, cannery, production of beverages and food in general.

The main products that identify the Company are:
  • concentrate bright red must / grape juice
  • bright red must / grape juice without SO2 (that must be ordered during the harvest period)
  • concentrate red and white must / grape juice
  • cooked must for balsamic vinegar of Modena
  • must / grape juice
  • rectified concentrated must
  • red and white wines of the main Italian grape varieties
Some products are absolutely unique, as the concentrate bright red must and the bright red wine (red wine caracterized by a deep color).
These products are made from Ancellotta grapes, which only grow n the province of Reggio Emilia, where Spallanzani Vini Srl is based.

About the concentrate bright red must and the bright red wine, we can highlight the high coloring power, their neutral taste and their delicate scent that makes them usable in many industrial fields, also thanks to their natural properties of dye.

Spallanzani Vini Srl, besides being based in an area which is suitable to produce Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, is provider for the most renowned vinegar producer of Modena for Lambrusco musts, Sangiovese musts and Trebbiano musts, since many years; these are some of the 7 grape varieties suitable to produce Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.